Gigs, guitars and dates for your diary

1 June 2021

Hello! Hope all is well and you’re enjoying the sunshine! 

As things finally look like they are coming back around, I wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know about this year’s plans. It’ll be great to pick up where Thom Ashworth and I left off back in 2019 with some joint dates in Chester at SoundBox on 9th July, and in London at the Green Note on 19th July.

In between I’ll be heading to one of my absolute favourite places, Halsway Manor, to run my guitar masterclass, this is always a wonderful meeting of like minds – and there’s a gig on the Thursday night. If  you’ve been brushing up on your skills during lockdown and you fancy a week in the Somerset sun, maybe you’d like to join me there?

Then, it’s very good to finally be able to say that brilliant singer/songwriter Kirsty Merryn and I will be touring our joint project Life and the Land, alongside the EP which we’re launching on 3rd September. 

This year more than ever it feels like we should appreciate the joy of the seasons and we’ve found some great songs to do it with. Dates for your diary in the poster just here. This should be a really fun show, if you’re lucky enough to have tickets to the (sold out) Magpie’s Nest festival this weekend, you might get a sneak preview! 

Some venues have tickets on sale already, and some will be available soon, so do please keep an eye out for links and updates. 

If we’re in your area we would love to see you on the road, all being well!

Cheers and all the best,