New Fylde!

8 May 2021
new fylde guitar

Those of you who follow my guitar playing with interest, will know over the years I’ve been strongly affiliated with the guitars of one Roger Bucknall, of Fylde Guitars.

My first proper performance guitar was a second hand Alchemist, bought from Hobgoblin Music in London, which I still have and am very fond of indeed. If you’ve seen me play live, you’ve also probably seen the beast that is my fan-fret Falstaff – that’s the guitar I’m clutching at the top of this website…

However… as goldilocks once said to the three bears, some things are just right. This new guitar is closer in size to my (smaller) Alchemist, which makes it super easy to play when trying to make weird stretches, but has just enough grunt to be able to do what it needs to do at the bottom end without me having to really attack it.

For the guitar connoisseurs amongst you, the back and sides are figured walnut, and very lovely. The top is sinker redwood, which lives up to the hype, sitting somewhere between the spongy response of cedar, and the golf-ball thwack of spruce. It’s also 12 frets to the body, and has an LR Baggs Dual system in place, meaning I’ll be able to experiment in stereo 😁

I’ve already started writing with it – if you’d like to hear what it sounds like, click the link below!

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